10 tips on how to be productive and successful in life.

10 tips to become prolific 

As a person that works from home, I can tell you it becomes difficult to separate work from pleasure. Even at times I become stagnant and feel like I’m not getting enough work done. I sometimes do all of these suggestions, or a combination of them in order to accomplish many projects. I take everyday day by day and coordinate accordingly to what needs to get done. These are things I do to become more productive and by being more productive I became successful. I will give you 10 tips to become more prolific and you may do all of these suggestions to help you or just a few, it's up to you if you want to kick this year's butt. 

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1) Hangout with like-minded people.

Hang out with people that are aligned with your values and goals.  Become friends with people that inspire you, push you to do better, and even if it's your workout buddy. Let's say you live in the middle of nowhere, well as long as you have wifi you can make friends online just like I did. I have so many friends that inspire me every day and they don't even live close to me, most of them live in different countries or hours away. I suggest reaching out to people and you'll find out that most online people are super approachable.  


2) Drink loads of water.

In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day. For me, since I weigh 200 lbs (98 kg) I should be drinking about 100-200 oz of water depending if you're active. If I'm not very active I drink about 100 oz, but if I'm very active I'll drink close to 200 oz. Also, makes you go to the bathroom and use this opportunity to take a break (5 min) and stretch. Get some oxygen through your body and allow blood circulation all the way to your brain. I swear by this because it's my favorite thing to do since it also helps me not eat so much and regulate my blood sugar.


3) Use essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, or a blend.

Sandalwood is known to aid in confidence, improving memory, concentration, and in general, it helps me lift up my mood. I mainly put this on my body and forehead. Lavender reduces my anxiety, stress, and sometimes it totally calms me down. Also, I use brainstorm (Sajewellness) spray every time I start something new. Different smells activate and interact with your body to aid you with productivity and energy. I love using my diffuser from @sajewellness because you can have two different blends at once, meaning you can have one blend turn on at 8 am and ends at 12 pm for energizing you and have another one that will calm you down from 1 pm till 5. I absolutely love this brand as they're new to my area and literally obsessed. 

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4) Create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing

I promise you, creating an environment that is pleasing to the eye is much more than just having a gorgeous room. When you change your environment you're more likely to get things done and not get frustrated when something isn’t working out. This is one of our powers, changing our environment is so important to be inspired or feel productive. For example, I like having crystals everywhere, essential oils blends being diffused, flowers, plants, and colors like deep reds, browns, blue hues, and whites. While I also love dark and moody settings. Of course, this is more of what I like, so remember to add your little twist to your creative room or spot in your house to help you become inspired, organized, refreshed, and content. Who doesn't like a gorgeous room to work in?

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5) Have growing plants and fresh cut flowers to brighten up any room.

Plants not only have the ability to lighten a room up but also clean the air pollutants that cause irritation to your body. It just feels much cleaner and more relaxing to take deep breaths with clean oxygen, rather than a stuffy/smelly place. Also, this is part an aesthetics I was talking about. 

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6) Have Himalayan salt lamps and shungite to help you against radiation, this one will aid you in neutralizing the positive ions in the atmosphere released by the electronic devices you have. We constantly have wifi, TV's, cell-phones, computers, etc... These devices release positive ions that it is known to cause cancer and cloud our minds. You may ask why I would suggest this? Well, I think everything is about energy and intention so as long as you put that intention of productivity, wellness, good energies the universe will listen and help you achieve your goals. I could write a whole essay on intentions.  

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7) Write your goals for the year, a todo list for the week, or for the day. OR you can do all of that, just make sure to write it out in a journal and also in a computer. I believe writing is a precursor to our subconscious, thus will help you remember and accomplish these goals. I also believe and self-manifestation so even if you didn’t complete the project you had in mind, you must remember it's not over you can always do it next day or week. Unless it's a timed project that must be finished. This might sound weird, but making a collage or something fun in my journal helps me realize all the potential I have to accomplish something and it puts it out there. Energy, positive intention is so important because in a sense its the same as prayer... What comes around goes around. Just remember the next day is another day to kick ass at your career, school, or anything you have in mind to accomplish. 



8) I'd say talk to people about your goals, it helps you to keep accountable and you become more determined to accomplish your goals. But if we are talking projects, school work, or anything time sensitive. Then you must make working a habit, become passionate about your work helps, but if its something boring or school work. There is a couple ways I've dealt with this. Get a buddy to come over that is doing other projects or the same projects this will help you start. But if you work better alone, just set up an alarm with your phone or computer saying. "do your work" "you can do it" "You will accomplish everything" Sometimes these messages help your psyche believe that you can actually do it.


9) Lunch, eating a light lunch is crucial for me especially because it allows your body to give you energy rather than using energy to digest and break down food. But if you tend to eat a bigger lunch, than I'd say try to separate the lunch over a couple of hours rather than eating the whole thing in 30 mins. I believe in eating like Europeans haha, let's take 3 hours to eat. lol

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10) Work out early in the morning, whether it's going to the gym, yoga, a walk, running, or even dancing... as long as you're active. Your body will release endorphins that will help you throughout your day. This is one of the most important ones for me because I feel accomplished after a work out session. Since I already accomplished something it makes it easier to want to complete something else as well. 


Take these tips and implement them in your life!! Not only will you be more productive, but also be a successful person. Remember, these are my tips and things I do to be a more productive and sucessful person in general. Anyway, if you have any tips don't hesitate to message me.